Why the pot-infused ‘Cooking on High’ is the worst food show on Netflix

It is easy to get lost in the absolute mishmash of content that is the Netflix Originals library. The streaming platform now churns out food-centric television, too, much of which garners praise — “Nailed It!” cheers us up with silly creations and host Nicole Byer’s boisterous personality, while “Ugly Delicious” indulges our curiosity with David Chang’s unpretentious exploration of different cuisines. Just the pilot of “Chef’s Table” makes us want to hop on a plane to Modena, Italy.

Netflix’s latest offering in this realm, however, falls incredibly short. The platform touts “Cooking on High” as the first-ever competitive cannabis cooking show, which seems odd considering how little this show cares about actual cannabis. Instead of learning much about the plant’s properties or the culture surrounding its culinary use, viewers are force-fed roughly 15 minutes of mundane cooking and mindless commentary each episode.