How It Works


PoD is a flexible system that understands several distinct search criteria such as genre, establishment names, locations, names of dishes, menu items and even individual ingredients. Depending on what you are searching for, PoD will provide relevant, location-based suggestions that will help you decide what and where to eat.

Use the PoD Search feature to find the food you desire:

  • discover new dishes based on ingredients we know you like
  • discover a restaurant in your neighborhood or explore a new area
  • discover exciting new cuisine; Italian, Peruvian, Sushi, etc.
  • discover someplace you have been meaning to try
  • discover the place a friend always talks about
  • discover the one that just opened in your neighborhood

Let's say you have either written positive reviews or have Forked reviews for Rack of Lamb, Smoked Lamb Sausage, and Lamb Shawarma… PoD might suggest that you try the Lamb Tikka Kabab at the Kabul Kabab House if you search for Lamb.

Dine alone or with friends and invite them along for the PoD experience. The more you use the PoD, the more it will be able to provide relevant dining recommendations to you.


The Proof in Proof of Dining is the key to making the reviews on PoD more reliable and accurate. By requiring every review to have a photo of the dish being reviewed, the PoD community gets to SEE what the dish looks like rather than just reading about how vibrant a sauce was or how large a steak was. The additional requirement of the PoD Member card being in your photo or using the PoD iOS app with built-in authentication, adds to the integrity of the review.

For the most part, we ask that you photograph the food the way it was served to you at the table. We understand that in some cases, dishes will need to be un-wrapped or have a portion served from a family-style dish. Please try to take your photo before you start eating because photos of ½ eaten dishes are not very appetizing.

See examples and read more about Photo Guidelines.


We all want the same thing; Where to go, what to get and we want it to be good. We also want to know; Where not to go, what you might get if you do. Everyones wants to know; Who has the best, the biggest, the spiciest, the sweetest, the strongest, the most aromatic, the oldest, the newest, or to go. PoD will answer all of those questions and more.

"Wings were pretty good and the burger was just fine."
—a recent review from Yelp.

As a community, we are looking for people that want to really contribute meaningful and detailed reviews of the dishes they are eating. By including detailed comments about the preparation, presentation, taste and quality of ingredients in each review, you are helping PoD become a true food recommendation site rather than just another site that gives an arbitrary number of stars to restaurants.

In some situations, certain dishes (i.e. pizza) are shared amongst multiple diners. In these cases, each unique dish should only be reviewed once.

Each PoD reviewer answers five simple questions and requires the following affirmation.

I assert that I, [PoD Username], am a primary consumer of the dish that is the subject of this review and that my review was not influenced by any payment of any kind.

Note: We understand that there are people that will check this box and lie anyway, but realistically, there is no way to stop this type of behavior.

For Additional Information on Reviews, go to the Review Guidelines and Help pages.